I have a java file to read excel file.

I have stored all the elements of excel file in a variable.

Now i want to show all values of excel file on jsp page in a table format.

All elements are displaying on jsp page but in vertical line.

How can i change them in table?


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Actually, arr is the variable of type ArrayList. arr has stored the

ArrayList. My java file returns arr at the end. I have caught arr in

my jsp file. I used <c:forEach> tag. at present this tag show values

in vertical line. Is it possible that using <c:forEach> tag i can

show values in table? Please can you give me any sample code?



Thanks for reply. I don't want to fill up the cells manually. I want to iterate all the values which are stored in variable arr. How can i iterate values in table?


You don't HAVE a table, you have a list, and from your description it is a SINGLE value list. So you have to remember how many of those values constitute a row so that you can insert the tr tags at the proper time and you have to insert the td tags for each value. Better, if you must have a list, would be a List of Lists, with each contained List being the values from one row, then use a double loop. What about all of this do you NOT understand. You cannot produce an HTML table without placing those tags in the produced HTML.

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