Ha gyz i develop website for online shoping just for testing, this website contact 5 admins i want to secure login for thoes admin via mobile verification code, Like facebook verification code & google email login 2-setp verifcation etc.

Can any bosdy have khew about this how it to be done?

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read about Kannel

kannel is open source getway between server web and SMSC operator.

can you explain what is this

If all you want to do is to strengthen the login process by sending them a code that they can use as part of their login, then after they do the normal ID and PW entry, generate a random code and send it via SMS. Display a screen (from PHP) where they can enter the code and once they enter it (and you verify it) you're done.

Many Carriers provide an email address format where you can send an SMS message. To do it that way, you need to know the carrier for each user and the format that they use. In North America, all Carriers do this and there is no extra charge. If that is not the case in your country, you can use a paid service. This may be provided by your phone company or by a separate organization like Twillio. In that case, they provide you with an API and all you need to have is the phone number that you wish to send to.

Thank you for sharing info, Its very lenghty process is this possible that the verification code is send to his email which is registerd in database i think this will be an easy way if it done?

you want to send a message verication code to user after submiting his login and his password .
thats mean send message from a server working with http request to mobile working with SMS request, so you need a gatway to do this.

server_side{ http(message code) }====> getway ===> mobile_side{SMS(message code)}

for the getway i propose to see kannel .
read about it, ;)

i read out Kannel but its very comlicated can you provide me some examplets or tutorials

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