like answers should be technical, i know the code to fill and update everything, but i actually don't know precisely that how it does ?

like i change row in GRIDVIEW and click update, it changes(updates) data in database too, some says that SQLDATA-Adapter do this but even in my update code (OnRowUpdateEvent) doesn't have any object of SQLDATA-Adapter so how come ? does it first change data in dataset or soemthing ? ahhhhhhhh i'm confused, shoot me with details please.

It depends.... What are you using to fill the gridview? Are you using a SqlDataSource control? Or, when the OnRowUpdateEvent occurs, do you open a connection back to your database and execute a SQL Update statement?

ok i got it jorGem,
i was confused between dataset updation and GV updation,
Dataset uses DataAdapter to save changes to database while gridview uses a live connection which i wrote for it in a method.