Why would my html file need to be downloaded in order for it to work properly?

Does it work properly when you download it?

Why would my html file need to be downloaded

Can you clafiy what you mean by downloading the file? Is the file hosted on a remote web server? when you access the page, it downloads instead of displaying? What do you mean?

The html file that I created on my webhost when opened directly it does not work as it should. But if you save link as or if I make the html file a download it works as it should

It displays correctly when first opened. Just when you click the submit button the confirmation window goes blank instead of diplaying the message

Where is your undownloaded html file?

yes, that is OK. We would need to see the HTML markup to get an idea of what is happening.

when clicking on the submit button on any of the forms you should see a message but instead it shows a blank box

Is this "your" website or just a website you happened to come across?

This page clearly states "download links". So it would seem that to download is the required result.

yes i know what it says i have to options links to download and links to save link as..as some people don't like to download directly. Is there not a way that I make it to where a download is not necessary?

You change the code in this file (and the others) from issuing a header which is forcing a download.