I've created a website but some of my new pages are not ranking. I know a bit but I'm still learning.

I created a number of pages but most of them are not ranking, I'll give you an example


If I search google for 'ideal isar repairs' it's not on any page where most of my other pages are on page one

If I type in 'ideal isar repairs mr boiler repairs' it then appears 3rd??

Can anyone help me on this?


in addtion to the above if i drop 'ideal' from my search phrase and just have 'isar repairs' my page ranks. It only seems it eliminate the page from the search engine if i use the full phase 'ideal isar repairs'
Thanks in advance

Make sure everything is linked via the root page (e.g., index.html). Every page need not be directly linked, but the search engine needs to be able to get to your page exclusively via "clicking" links.

Also have a robots.txt file in your root web directory with contents such as:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
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