please give me some easy working code to insert images in database and also also display the same in the gridview

also help me how to enter the calendar entries in the database and diplay in the gridview

Your question is unlikely to get many responses. Since you are new member, i'd suggest that a better approach is to give it a your code and we'll help you work through your issues.

There are plenty of examples online that you can find, although it may not be as easy to find one that exactly meet your specific needs.

In general, what you can do is have a fileUpload control and then on postback, save the image to either the DB or better yet, the filesystem and just record the file name (and other properties about the image) in the database table. Then use that information and to display it in your gridview control or what ever other control you plan to use...bind it, then send the output back to the user's browser.

To get more detailed information, we really need some code examples to work with.