names of web development certifications ?
i have to fill a form for certification, in drop down they only mentioned WEB development and left the box to be filled by applicant so what should i write ? i'm interested in etc but tell em all popular web certification names ?

I guess that by "certifications" they mean something like "which languages have you proven yourself certified to program in?". So I guess you could fill in the languages you have a lot of experience with?

Do you have any certification's at this moment? For example since you metioned, Microsoft has a certification program for developers:

MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer

All of these certifications (microsoft and others) are not as valuable (in my opinion) as they were back around the years 1999-2005 when everyone was in a certification frenzy.

I still think the certifications are still great to have, and you should consider them as additional tool in your toolbox. At the very mimimum, preparing for a certification forces you to learn and sharpen your skills.

I just dont think having or not having a certification is a deal breaker for the job market.