Hello all,
I need your help urgently.....................I have database in SQL server and using asp.net 1.1
I need to do something which like when deadline came then after every day of it, administrator has to send mail to that user something about.........User already registered with its mail address....

Please help me in this................Any help would be much appreciated.........

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I have like these code below:

Dim objEmail As New MailMessage
        objEmail.To = txtTo.Text
        objEmail.From = txtFrom.Text
        objEmail.Cc = txtCc.Text
        objEmail.Subject = "Test Email"
        objEmail.Body = txtName.Text & ", " & txtComments.Text
        objEmail.Priority = MailPriority.High
        'SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""
            Response.Write("Your E-mail has been sent sucessfully" & _
            " Thank You")

        Catch exc As Exception
            Response.Write("Send failure: " + exc.ToString())
        End Try

Yeah, it is working. But one problem is it doesnt send to inbox, but to my bulk folder. If you are member of yahoo.mail So how can i change this to directly my inbox folder....?????

Pls help

tks in advance,


add the address that it is coming from to your yahoo address book

sorry for my poor knowledge.....i couldnt understand. Could you pls give me a more specific hint????



the problem is not with your app, Yahoo, thinks it is junk mail and is treating it accordingly. The way to get around that is to add the address that you are sending from to your address book on your yahoo account, then Yahoo won't out it in junk mail

Tks for replying. Yeah, it is working.
Now i need to check some deadline and before deadline user do nothing then computer has to send warning message that your deadline is expire or something like this.~~:cheesy:

pls help,

tks in advance,


Was it easy or not comprehensible something??????????

I really need.~~ I want to send mail automatically when time is out.........