Hi, so im doing my final year project for college and im thinking off adding a function whereby if it has reached the end of the month the system will send an automated email to a user as a reminder. is that possible? i mean coz im just using xampp, phpmyadmin and notepad++ so it possible?

1) You can write php script which will send reminder according to current date, on which it runs.
2) schedule that script in windows or create cron job in linux to run it on last day of the month
3) you must already have one mail server configured to handle email messages

ok thanks for the tip. ill go look up how to configure an email server first. any questions will be posted.

im running a windows 7 ultimate and i read an article that says i have to install Remote Server Administration Tools that includes SMTP Server Tools for Windows 7. is that what i need to do, to be able to send an automated email for my final year project?

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If you're using xampp, then you have Mercury Mail - you could use that. However, if you have a hosted linux site, and they cost peanuts these days, you could set up a cron job (as mentioned) that runs a php script in the background. Mail admin is usually bundled in the deal. Much easier than phaffing with Windows and running your own mail server. However, if that aspect is part of your project, then I suppose you have no choice in the matter.