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Of course before asking you have experimented with some technologies. What have you read and tried? … java applets ? web sockets ? ..


No it aint difficult if you know what you are asking… First of all understand what you are trying to do … and then we are here to help you


I've for a long time I've been studying and experimented with just about every language that I could get my hands on so I have a fair idea about little things like this. The best platform for a web chat system is dependent on the amount of operations along with performance you require from the client side computer. The two basic options are Java Applets and JavaScript. Java allows you to add a wide range of features that JavaScript will never provide however it requires more experience to program in Java than JavaScript. As a comparison of compatibility, only 1% of the internet has JavaScript disabled and aproxamately 0.5% of computers do not have Java installed (half of JavaScript). So really if your after simplicity and availability then choose JavaScript or if your after features and customer experience then choose Java.

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