Hello! I'm needing some help integrating HighCharts into my CodeIgniter application and getting data from my MySQL database!

I've followed a YouTube video on actually integrating HighCharts and it was extremely straightforward. However, that method included a hardcoded array and I'm needing to generate an array from data stored in a MySQL table.

What I'm trying to accomplish is search my ORDER and ORDERDETAILS tables and find the 4 week shipment history for a certain product and break it up in individual weeks and have a line chart showing the trend between those 4 weeks. I've already got the correct SQL Query and it's generating the correct numbers.

Below is what I have so far...


    public function four_week($inventoryId) {

        $startdate = date('Y/m/d');
        $enddate = date("Y/m/d", strtotime("-4 months"));

        $this->db->join('ORDERS', 'ORDERS.ID = ORDERDETAILS.ORDERID', 'LEFT');
        $this->db->where('ORDERDETAILS.PRODUCTID', $this->uri->segment(3));
        $this->db->where('ORDERS.STATUS', 1);
        $this->db->where('ORDERS.SHIPDATE <=', $startdate);
        $this->db->where('ORDERS.SHIPDATE >=', $enddate); 
        $this->db->order_by('ORDERS.SHIPDATE', 'ASC');

        $query = $this->db->get();

        return $query->result_array();


    function inventory_info(){


        $itemId = $this->uri->segment(3);
        $data['query'] = $this->model_inventory->get_inventory($itemId);
        $warning['querys'] = $this->model_inventory->sum_lot($itemId);
        $shipArray['shipHis'] = $this->model_inventory->four_week($itemId);

        $newArray[] = array();
            foreach ($shipArray['shipHis'] as $record) {
                $newArray['thatArray'][] = $record['SHIPQTY'];

        $testArray = Array(0 => 45, 1 => 34, 2 => 67,3 => 46);

        $series_data[] = array('name' => 'Product', 'data' => $newArray['thatArray']);
        $series_data[] = array('name' => 'Funky', 'data' => $testArray);
        $this->view_data['series_data'] = json_encode($series_data);

        $this->load->view('view_inventory', array_merge($data, $warning, $this->view_data, $newArray));



            <script type="text/javascript">

                var test =

                $(function () { 
                        chart: {
                            type: 'line'
                        title: {
                            text: '4 Week Ship History'
                        xAxis: {
                            categories: ['Week 1', 'Week 2', 'Week 3', 'Week 4']
                        yAxis: {
                            title: {
                                text: 'Quantity Shipped'
                        series: <?php echo $series_data ?>


            <div id="container" style="width:100%; height:300px;"></div>

In the controller you can see I still have the hardcoded $testArray = Array(0 => 45, 1 => 34, 2 => 67,3 => 46); and that is displaying properly on the chart. When I print the $series_data array I get the following:


The double quotes around the first data array is my problem! Just can't fix it...

Well, I'm an idiot.

Nifty little JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK did it for me.


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$series_data[] = array('name' => 'Product', 'data' => array_map("intval",$newArray['thatArray']));
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