How to hide onmouseover status of an anchor tag

When we mouseover on edit link we get some link like this index.php?editid=1;

so how to hide this on mouseover

maybe something like this...

<!DOCTYPE html>

<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="myFunction('')">Google</a>

function myFunction(url)


This is just one idea. I'm sure that you get the idea here and can come up with something more specific for your needs.

Of course, none of these client side techniques prevent a user from right clicking in their browser and viewing source. If you truly want to hide the URL from the end user, you'll have to handle that server side.

that will only replace the:




when the link is hovered.

I also am of an opinion that this kind of things should not be allowed.
The client has the right to know the link value before clicking on it at all times and without having to take any further actions other than hovering.

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