hi evrey on
ineed your help in php &jquery
im working in news site in news blok the image should be chang when a mouse move to defrent news title
this is the templat

<section class="box-nwes-con">
<a href="#">
<img src="images/sport-img.jpg" title="{title}" alt="{title}" />

<div class="news-box-con">
<div class="title-news-block"><a href="#">{title}</a></div>
<!-- START BLOCK : text_row -->
<div class="center-news">
<a href="#">
<div class="cler"></div>
<!-- END BLOCK : text_row -->
</div><!--End news-box-con-->
<div class="cler"></div>

I new in jquery but i think it's not hard work!!
how i can chang image when hover newstitle

hellllllllllllp pleas

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So you want help with jQuery?

Why the php/ Are you going to use Ajax to dynamically load data or are you loading all the data on page load (hidden) and then just using js to hide/show specific divs?