Hi All,

I have experience in HTML5, CSS3 and javascript etc.. exposure in JQuery.

Now i want to create a new application for Online Leave Application. Any one could you please suggest me what will be the best.
And if i want to use JQuery which way use good like for validaitons ready plugins are our own code??

Awaiting for all your reply's

Kavitha Kesav

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What is an Online Leave Application? You are asking for architechural advise with giving little to no information about your application.

This is Online Leave Application for the employees. Where Employee can see, aplly, edit the leaves based on their worked days.

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Hi Kavitha,

I will list some useful apps that I have found useful. I find that using bootstrap is my first choice for designing the front end.

Another library which extends the bootstrap functionality is fuelux. Absolutely necessary.

Another js library I use for validating input client side is parsely.js.

This nicely handles form input however, you must always validate server side as well.

Server side, not sure if you require this as well but look into using a simple framework such as CodeIgniter to get you started.

It will help you organise the way you work and become more structured.

I hope that helped if I can think of anymore resources I will let you know.

You could also head over to themeforest and look in the admin templates section and you will find pretty much, ready made templates with all the client side plugins built in.

You might have an issue with licensing if you intend to release your app for sale though.

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