Hey guys,

I have a (probably) pretty simple task to solve, but no knowledge of web development whatsoever. My problem is, I need to create a website that computers and smartphones can connect to and have it display some image and text that are updatable from the server side at any time. So it should update on all the clients' screens in real-time. I don't even really need a solution, just point me in the right direction please!


It may be tough to just point you to a solution that does this specific thing you are asking for.

However, assuming you have the server side stuff done, you can easily load a web page and have it refresh on a timer without having to reload the browser screen.

For example, you could use jQuery's load() method to load the content.


You could use Javascript methods such as setTimeOut and setInterval for the timer.


Of course there are other solutions...you can leverage HTML5 and use some of the newer techniques.