Hello Guys. I am trying to make a code for login form in my page using Bootstrap modal. Then I want to know how to validate the form in modal. Thanks in advance. Example. There have UserName and Password Field, If Username and Password not match it should be say an error message, but i dont know how to do it. Anyone can help me?

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Why does this need to be in php? The form will be in html.

Are you looking for a login script? If so, search this forum, this question crops up weekly.


Sir, its been fixed. I am using Login.php script. but the things i want to know is what if username and password doesnot exist? how do i code that? Help me Sir. Thanks/


It depends on the script you're using. We do not have a crystal ball, so we can't tell what you're using and how. Post any supporting code. But seeing as you posted a question immediately after setting up somebody else's script, I would encourage you to have a go at trying to figure it out yourself. While we don't mind helping people out with issues, it is assumed that users will have made some effort themselves.

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