I've been happily writing code for a bit of software that loosely is to do with project management. For that reason it has a dashboard-esque look and feel.

It is highly customized and luckily because I've used MVC the views are separated from the db stuff.

From day 1 I thought, I would use this dashboard for the main software then just use wordpress to create a very quick landing page/s. Also the blogs and contact pages.

Trouble is the landing page/s looks nothing like the dashboard. I'm worried because somehow I have to tie the two together and they look nothing like each other.

I can't really work my software into wordpress. There is no way... it would be a nightmare. So I was looking to add bits and bobs to my dashboard software. But I got to write things like all the pages from scratch and the blog from scratch.

Need advice.

You can add custome page on wordpress and you can match your page theme with the wordpress theme.