Need to refresh only div for cetrain time without loading any external content into that div..
Can you help me please??

by removing timer function can we add our content in that div ??

refresh will only work with timer. If you dont use timer. page will be updated only once at the time of loading

in that function they used "mytimer()". so diplaying present time, but i need to add my content in that div, i added my own content inside div by removing mytimer(), but not refresing that div so how can and where should i write Utrivedi??

What is it that you want to do, exactly? If you need to "refresh" the content of a div, doesn't that mean you need to check if new data is available?

Or do you just want to load new, already known data into a div after a specific amount of time?

When you want to refresh the div content ?
If you want to make a refresh(change content of the div) when the user click a button, just attach your function at onclick event of that button.(onclick = "your_function()").

yes its better if you used setInterval()

if you can load the content from another page, you can set the refresh timer from that page itself