I am trying to make images coming from links within my mySQL database appear next to each other. Here is my code:

<div class="container-outer">
    <div class="container-inner">
        <?php if ( $imagePath = $article->getImagePath( IMG_TYPE_THUMB ) ) { ?>
        <a href=".?action=viewArticle&amp;articleId=<?php echo $article->id?>"><img class="articleImageThumb" src="<?php echo $imagePath?>" alt="Article Thumbnail" /></a>
        <?php } ?>

The images appear seperatly below each other and I can't quite figure out how to make them appear on the same line. Thanks!

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This would be due to divs being block elements.
Changing your divs to block-inline usually works. Maybe just inline.

    display: block-inline;

If block-inline doesn't work, try inline-block.

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Yep, Jorge - got into all-a-muddle :)

Lol, no worries just having some fun with that.

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