Hello to everyone,
Currently I am working with bootstrap. I generate a list with users.
My issue is that when I click on delete a popup confirmation is shown
but I don't know how to get the id of the user that I am trying to delete.
I have seen a lot of example on web but haven't found the solution.
Here I am also including an copy of the script and database.

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Sorry 16 post doesn't warrant me downloading an unknown zip file, even if I'm on linux. Can you post a code sample here.


@iamthewee as you can't donwload the example there is an explanation of my problem:
a dynamic table that is generated via php displaying 15 rows

I want to delete one row but we want a confirmation popup that should make even print the row id before deleting it.
The problem is how to print the id of the element in the popup window.
How can I call them rows id popup?

If you could help it would be a great thing, because feel lost with this :(

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