The page source for includes this latin(?) paragraph:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam quis mi eu elit tempor facilisis id et neque. Nulla sit amet sem sapien. Vestibulum imperdiet porta ante ac ornare. Nulla et lorem eu nibh adipiscing ultricies nec at lacus. Cras laoreet ultricies sem, at blandit mi eleifend aliquam. Nunc enim ipsum, vehicula non pretium varius, cursus ac tortor. Vivamus fringilla congue laoreet. Quisque ultrices sodales orci, quis rhoncus justo auctor in. Phasellus dui eros, bibendum eu feugiat ornare, faucibus eu mi. Nunc aliquet tempus sem, id aliquam diam varius ac. Maecenas nisl nunc, molestie vitae eleifend vel, iaculis sed magna. Aenean tempus lacus vitae orci posuere porttitor eget non felis. Donec lectus elit, aliquam nec eleifend sit amet, vestibulum sed nunc.

There is no obvious link between the page subject matter and the latin language. I have long forgotten the latin I learned at school, Google Translate doesn't come up with anything that makes any sense to me, and this text appears only in the source, not in the page as rendered in my browser.

What is the purpose of including text like this in the page source? Why is it there?

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What is the purpose of including text like this in the page source?

The lorem ipsum text is often used while developing a design, because designers will lack content. Most likely, they forgot to remove it.

Thanks. That makes sense.

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