I'm trying to make a quick filter like this site with PHP and MySQL, but do not know how start?
Who can teach me how to do this are not?

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The price range widget is a javascript range UI widget - which a number of libraries provide, e.g. jQueryUI.

The others are the result of select queries which create checkboxes for each item of each searchable field/table

There's nothing really advanced about it, nor is there anything particularly difficult about the capturing of input data and running a the search. The only nifty thing is the linking between the radiobuttons and the range widget - that will require some javascript.

What exactly do you want to learn? We could give you / point you to a script, but that would not be the same as learning a skill. Please be specific.

If you know how to work with PHP, MySQL and jQuery or Javascript, that's simple work. The only difficulties would be building pretty UI and the interactive functions on the front-end. The back-end part would be really simple for such kind of work.

Work done this I use it at the front-end to help users search for what they need the most convenient way

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