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Ciao guys,
I'm getting mad with this issue. I have a script in a WP theme that it's supposed to retrieve some data. It works ok but I need it does the thing in alphabetic mode and this seem to be... quite hard!

I dig into the web looking for plugin with no success and even modifing the core like they say here

I need help because I'm stucked. The url where this happen is this:

If yiu try to press ENTER just in the forst field (Ristorante, Chef, Città) the order is not in alphabetic mode because the first result is "Trippini".

Here what I have in category.php on themes folder:

{extends $layout}

{block content}
{if $posts}

        <article id="post-{$post->id}" class="{$post->htmlClasses}">

                <header class="entry-header">

                    <h1 class="entry-title">


                {if strlen($category->description) !== 0}
                <div class="entry-content">

        </article><!-- /#post-{$post->id} --> 

        {include snippets/content-nav.php location => 'nav-above'}

        {include snippets/content-loop.php posts => $posts}

        {include snippets/content-nav.php location => 'nav-below'}

    {ifset $themeOptions->advertising->showBox4}
    <div id="advertising-box-4" class="advertising-box">


    {include snippets/nothing-found.php}



And this is the code of content-loop-dir-search.php that seem to be the result page:

{foreach $posts as $item}
{first}<ul class="items">{/first}
    <li class="item clear{ifset $item->packageClass} {$item->packageClass}{/ifset}">
        {if $item->thumbnailDir}
        <div class="thumbnail">
            <a href="{!$item->link}"><img src="{timthumb src => $item->thumbnailDir, w => 100, h => 100}" alt="{__ 'Item thumbnail'}"></a>

        <div class="description">
                <a href="{!$item->link}">Ristorante {$item->post_title}</a>

                global $wpdb;

                $sql = "SELECT meta_value FROM ".$wpdb->prefix."postmeta WHERE post_id=".$item->ID." AND meta_key LIKE '%_ait%'";

                $itemMeta = $wpdb->get_results($sql);

                $itemMetaValue = unserialize($itemMeta[0]->meta_value);

                "Chef: ".$itemMetaValue['nome-chef']." ".$itemMetaValue['cognome-chef']."<br/>"
                .$itemMetaValue['cap']." ".$itemMetaValue['citta']." (".$itemMetaValue['provincia'].")<br/>"

                ."T: ".$itemMetaValue['telephone']."<br/>";
        <hr class="bg" />           

Thanks everybody for your help.


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