The following jQueryUI code works in Chrome, not in FireFox ?

    $("#reachme").animate({right:'250px'}, 2000, 'easeInOutBounce');

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It really helps if you provide your posts with more relevant information. For example, where is the relevant HTML code for this?

Here is a working example and tested both using Chrome and Firefox. Works fine.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
#reachme {

.reachme {


<div id="reachme"></div>
<button class="reachme">Animate</button>

    $("#reachme").animate({left:'250px'}, 2000, 'easeInOutBounce');


My HTML/CSS validates, which is why I didn't post !
I have jQuery1.110.min & jqueryUI1.10.4.custom in the head of the page. I have the code after the DOM loads, but the script doesn't load in firefox ?

This is the following code I put in the script, it's still not working in firefox, that is the path you mean to follow ?

$("").click(function(**event**(or e)){

I've been searching for an answer, it appears it's quite common but solving it on case-by-case basis :(

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can you create a fiddle that recreates the issue?

Here is a link to the pre-page so to speak :) Click on the word and compare with Chrome and FireFox it's fairly obvious, Chrome a black box will bounce in and with FireFox, nothing will happen.

I posted a link to the page !

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try passing 'event'

Sorry I don't understand !

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Try passing the word 'event' instead of 'e'

and see what you get.

The word 'event' was used in the fucntion before changing it to 'e' as per request, neither works :(

ARghhh this is frustrating why it's not working in FireFox !

I can't believe I didn't see the error for a week, #$%#$% pisses me off.

Syntax Error !

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