I wonder how to create a test maker with a php script. I have an elearning project and I have to create a test maker quiz project. Such as multiple choice and fill-in the blanks. How any free script like that?

Thanks in advance.


This is survey. Not, a quiz that has a fix answer. I would like a quiz that has a fix answer so after taking the quiz they can check their quiz score.

Anything like that?

I am currently developing one. So far, it is about 60 percent finished. A friend of mine who is Computer Science Professor have been asking me for almost 2 years now to build a lecture, quiz, test and grading application using the codeIgniter/Smarty/bootstrap. The quiz and the exams classes are pretty cool (I think). It is so cool that even when students hug each other while taking the test, their asnwers will never be the same. The probability of the same student getting the same set of questions is almost none.

I made the grading sytem to be very strict and yet helpful to the students. I made it to sort all missed questions and matched them to the textbook being use by the class and print out list of topics to read.

When I started this project, I wrote the framework from the ground up. I presented this application to the school, but after 30 minutes, I was the only one talking in the room, and the rest of the people appeared to be confused and most of them thought I was an alien of some kind :). So, I have decided to move the application to CodeIgniter framework and hopefully it will be a lot easier for them to digest and at the best in the, I am hoping they will percieve me as human again.

here are the screenshots

the main page


The exam page demo


The grader page demo this is when the students submitted the quiz without answer.


This is a scenario demonstrating the wrong answers chosen by the students.


This is the students and professors account page. Complete with everything in it, it has youtube interface, bookmarks, chat, messaging system with option to send message to the user's external email, mobile texting capable to remind students about important dates about the class.


I am hoping to finished this project in 3 to 4 months from today... :)


University of Arizona created an application called Guide on the side. If you are interested, you can download it here, or here.

This application is cake PHP dependent. Let me know about what you think about it. I wrote the installer override for this application. Just in case you get stuck during the installation, I am here to help.