I have a contradiction in creating a website for Job seekers, confusion in choosing the language. I assume here that there would be atleast 100 people access the database at the same time to Create a new account, update their existing account and at the same time some would search the profiles of some other person for their Job. Job seekers and Job offerers are meeting together is what I mean.

Now my problem is, I designed everything in ASP.Net and while connecting to database, many people suggest me not to choose Connected data access since it can't handle such a load. And they prefer Disconnected data access. Am confused with that. Many suggest me not to go to ASP but to PHP since many popular websites like Facebook itself created in PHP. So now am left stranded in which language I should develop the site. Though am good in PHP and ASP, I prefer ASP since I could create faster. But PHP might take time to code them all and then to integrate it. But again a problem, ASP is harder to deploy.

So I request someone to suggest me to Choose either PHP or ASP. If ASP then Connected or Disconnected data access. Thanks!

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now am left stranded in which language I should develop the site.

Choose what you know. Both technologies can handle a lot of data easily (assuming ASP.NET, not classic ASP).

yeah.. But do I have to go for Connected or Disconnected data access in asp.net? I couldn't figure out which is best to handle the traffic.

Go with the connected version, until you run into performance issues. Then worry about optimizations.

Riteman, There are reasons why you would decide in a connected or disconnected approach based on exactly you are trying to accomplish at the time of the query. I don't believe you can simply approach this by deciding to go with one or the other for the entire site as a whole.

If that was the case everyone would use the same method.

Then fine.. Am going with ASP.NET with connected data access. Thanks!

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