Ok i know this question might be riddled with ignorance but please bare with me. How to i go about deploying my php application i have developed, do i make it into an executable that can be installed on user machines, or do i just set it up like a website and host it via server, im a little confused because i have read that you can do both depending on the application you have and what it does. Mine is simple, its just a search engine that will allow you to search a database that is uploaded by the admin and is searchable to the users, there is also some other pages that are used that do other functionaility like making the data in the database deletable and i even added a login page for that page, but do i load all this into an executable file? i wouldnt think i would have to since its web based and is all handled by a server. Then again i could be literally so off that its laughable, regardless any assistence on this subject would be greatly appreciated and will be documented for later use. Thank you for your time.

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You should host it via server. Why? Because php was designed to be able to run server-side, not to be able to be installed and ran as a local application. Also, if you really want to make this project even more funtional. You should do some SQL work do help with the database stuff. If you need to, I can do it free of charge. Email me if intrested at jackson.clark2002@outlook.com


Because I can't message you, I just wanted to say that I beleive that this question has been solved.

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