I have a table populated by name. The names are links when clicked will pop up a form for editing. each input (for editing) is populated by the equal value from database but im having trouble with one particular text box. this text box is for date of birth and it only shows part of the data. for example in the database dob is 2 January 1993 in the popped up form it only shows 2. the rest of the input are fine and display full data its just this one.

php code:

$contact = $_GET['contact'];

require "connection.php";

$getcontact = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM contact1 WHERE contact_id = ? ");
$getcontact->bindParam(1, $contact, PDO::PARAM_INT);
if($getcontact->rowCount() > 0){

while($row = $getcontact->fetch()){

echo "<form action=\"updateContact.php\" method=\"POST\">
        <fieldset class=\"updatecontact\">
                <label>Update Contact</label><br><br>
                    <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"contactid\" value=".$row['contact_id'].">
                    <label>Salutation :</label>
                    <select name=\"salutations\"  >
                        <option value=". $row['salutation'] ." selected>". $row['salutation'] ."</option>
                        <option value=\"Datin\">Datin</option>
                        <option value=\"Datin Paduka\">Datin Paduka</option>
                        <option value=\"Dato Paduka\">Dato Paduka</option>
                <label>First Name :</label><input type=\"text\" name=\"fname\" class=\"style\" value=". $row['fname'] .">
                <label>Last Name :</label><input type=\"text\" name=\"lname\"  class=\"style\" value=". $row['lname'] .">

                //THIS IS THE DOB INPUT that has the problem
                <label>Date of Birth : </label>
                <input type=\"text\" name=\"dob\" value=".$row['dob']."><br><br>

                <label>House Address :</label><textarea name=\"line1\" rows=\"2\" cols=\"20\">". $row['house'] ."</textarea>
                <label>Mobile No :</label><input type=\"text\" name=\"mobile\" class=\"style\" value=". $row['mobile'] .">
                <label>Office No :</label><input type=\"text\" name=\"office\" class=\"style\" value=". $row['office'] .">
                <label>Email Address : </label><input type=\"email\" name=\"email\" class=\"style\" value=". $row['email'] .">
        <div><input type=\"submit\" name=\"updateC\" value=\"Update\" />
        <input type=\"button\" name=\"cancel\" value=\"Cancel\" /></div>


i have tried declaring the variable one by one and referencing them like:

$dob = $row['dob];

value= ".$dob."

but still get the same partially displayed data. also the php is the only coding in the page. no other coding, like js.


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run this query in phpymyadmin for whom you are clicking on name link
and see how dob column appears in phpmyadmin result

SELECT * FROM contact1 WHERE contact_id = yournumber

i did as u asked and the record of the contact_id is the result(full) urtivedi. like i said all results display except dob which displays partial data in the edit contact form.

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Is there any reason why you're creating all this html from php? Anyway, show a screenprint of "view source" in your browser. Are there any quotes in the dob value?

Check your database. Is the date column set to "date" and/or did you make it big enough to display what you want?

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david, thanks. it was not set to dat in database it was set to varchar, my bad. but now its happening to a different text box.

$event = $_GET['event'];

    require "connection.php";

    $getevent = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM event WHERE event_id = :event");
    $getevent->bindParam(':event', $event, PDO::PARAM_INT);
    if($getevent->rowCount() > 0)

        while($row = $getevent->fetch()) 
            $id = $row['event_id'];
            $name = $row['event_name'];

            echo "
<label>Name : </label><input type='text' name='event_n' size='50' value='$name'>";

in database:

event_name varchar(255) latin1_swedish_ci

in "view page source", it does show the name full:

real page:

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Have you checked that the complete data is present in the database table record itself? Check phpmyadmin or your favourite GUI.

yup in the database it is complete.


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Is it the single quotation in the data that messes up the display? Have you tried escaping any characters like that (single/double quotation) in your display?

try changing the size in your input box? You have it set to 50 characters.

<label>Name : </label><input type='text' name='event_n' ***size='50'*** value='$name'>";

yes, i think taywin is correct. it is the single quotation i think. because for the particular data that i uploaded(the pictures)it has apostrophe while another data does not and displays data as full. trying to fix that now.

fixed using: $newname = htmlspecialchars($name,ENT_QUOTES);

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I think this was intimated earlier:

Are there any quotes in the dob value?

This is happening because you are using php to spit out all your html. This can be easily avoided if you're a bit more judicious with it, e.g.

<sometag><?php echo $somevalue;?></sometag>

or on modern versions of php:

<sometag><?= $somevalue ?></sometag>

Instead of

echo "<sometag>$somevalue</sometag>";

Minimise the amount of html you create via php, it rarely plays well.

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