I'm done with theory portion. i want to make real time project. which has basic most used asp.net functionalists. Not very complex project not very simple ..

i want project which store in database.fetch data from database show results uses gridview. use sessions,cookies,login.Where login gets expire after sometime or after logout. .. please share any project if you have like that or give me link where i can download.

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codeplex and codeproject are full of examples.

more homework
die('lazy student');

I'm done with theory portion.

The theory portion should have given you enough information to at least create some simple codes on a notepad++ or visual basic express. We always treasure members who love to share their codes regardless if it right or wrong. We are here to help you, but you will have to have to do your part.

@almostbob i'm 24 year old Not 16 . i'm learning all by my self there is no homework kid. I basically want Idea to start on. a sample project will help me To create new project. I wil edit the sample project how properties are being used .. Very basic project for beginner.. If you dont Want to share code so please show me sample Web site and tell me to make Copy of that web site .. Now i hope You understand My moto.

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