hello. i was just wondering if it is possible to insert data for date and time separately into database for a column with type datetime. datetime format is like : yyyy-mm-dd h:m:s . I know you can get date and time separately FROM database but is it possible to be inserted separately. as an example there is a form one textbox for date one textbox for time then on insert the data from the texboxes are inserted into the column(with type datetime) accordingly.

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datetime is a stupid, woefully inefficient data construct
a timestamp uses 4 bytes, and stores all the information of a 25byte text representation datetime
not much in 1 record, a lot in 100million records
and the processing to output the data in any form, is a less, orders of magnitude less
select date > stored text date and < stored text date,
(convert str2time() for each entry)
is orders of magnitude more processor intensive than
select date > 1234567890 and < 2345678901

in answer to the actual question,

set a default value, that the data handler accepts as nul‚Č°unpopulated
or populate the unfilled fields with today's date and time
overwrite with user entered values, and store the value in the db

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