I'm new to web development sector. Can anyone suggest me some tips or blogs to gain information about the web development with emerging ideas and tricks.

Hi Gabrielcastillo,

Thanks for your information.

Well personally i would suggest you Bucky's Room. The very basics of HTML, CSS, PHP and every thing you need.

W3 Schools is one I've used and sometimes still reference. If you're looking for PHP specific things, PHP.net is a good reference but it's not a tutorial site. It's mainly a list of functions and what they do with examples.

If you are new to web development, you really have to get your HTML and CSS skills up to speed before you consider client and server side scripting which gives your site the dynamic features. Fortunately, HTML and CSS is very easy to pick up and learn.

From that point, I'd suggest JavaScript and one of the popular libraries such as jQuery. Fortunately again, its fairly easy to pick up and learn the basics. Advanced JavaScript takes some time and practice, but if you pick up the basics, then you can rely on jQuery to handle the difficult tasks.

From there, move on to the server scripting language of your choice. PHP is a natural choice for many..its open source, lots of online examples, help, etc.., but you can go with ASP.NET, JSP, etc.. You will also need to learn some SQL if you want to store data to really have a data driven site.