i want to learn Best Frame work for Web Development , plz tell me which framework is best for all kinds of secure 100% & modern web development . a some toturial site if you have , than plz share

There is no single "best". All the framework sites have introductions and some tutorials. What are you planning to build and how knowledgable are you?

I have Learnt my self , by w3school.com . I have already study Basic PHP , some about OOP . and now i want to study about frameworks]

Start "small": TinyMVC, CakePHP, CodeIgnitor. If needed you can work your way up to the heavyweights.

Can u tel me the best best video toturials about that framworks where i can learn in a maner way .

Not sure, I rarely watch videos. I do know that CakePHP has a youtube channel. CodeIgnitor has a video/screencast website.

Thanks my dear Pritaeas

Also, checkout thenewboston for video tutorials on languages as a whole.

Read the documentation on the frameworks in general.

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It depends on what you want to do, for example, dont start with the heavy Zend framework, since that will mix your ideas about programming at your level.

Before you can understand frameworks, you have to know a little bit about OOP, since frameworks are based on OOP.

Best4earn you want the best framework with many videos , so you don’t really want framework. Just a video clip , sure Yii has spend a lot money in marketing , laravel is one more that spends some but with more targeted group , the point is witch framework advertise itself better? To my point of view be real with OOP and forget frameworks for a project or two , just OOP and nothing more. And than you will have the ability to recognize videos and marketing than code.

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