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Let us discuss which are the new technology are using in the web development what the feature of this technology and this technology has the feature or not what its advantage using this from the late technology so more
basic technology i know is html html5 css css3 ajax javascript dhtml xml json etc...

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You'll find high-quality web design training, covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more, on these trusted and authoritative sites.
01. W3Schools
02. Opera Web Standard Curriculum
03. Google Code University
04. Treehouse
05. Mozilla School of Webcraft
06. net magazine on Creative Bloq
08 . Webdesigntuts+
09. Code School
10. CSS-Tricks

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thank you bro!

if u know good website or good information related to web technology add to this it may help others

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FYI: I think this thread has drawn so many downvotes due to there being so many of these threads already existing. Nice list shash, but I think you also posted it in another similar thread recently. These threads have a tendency to attract lots of noob posts shouting w3schools or spammers linking to their own sites or worse. May I kindly request that any further posts ONLY supply quality links not already mentioned in the list above. Thank you.

thnks @diafol kind information i thought that this is good forum to discuss but not

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