This is a follow up to another thread, lets say the other thread didn't occur, kapeesh :) !

This code is telling me I'm missing a semi-colon, I can't see where it's missing the code looks clean to me ?

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You do have an error - the opening brace after the animate properties object.

    bottom: '-900'
    }, {
        duration: 1300,
        easing: 'easeOutBounce'

See my modified fiddle for a version that works. b.t.w - it has been a while now since Google has blocked cross domain embedding. I replaced your www.google.com with www.bbc.co.uk just to get things working.

By and large when you run into this kind of issue and cannot see an immediately obvious cause the best strategy is to corral the problem into a progressively smaller corner by commenting out the code that may be at the root of the issue.


The words in the code where the problem. Here is everything working, except for the bounce effect. The div disappears instead of bounce !

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