Argh, I can't see the error in this code ?


$(".box").click(function() {
    $('#circle').animate({height: '-=900px'}, 1300,'linear'); });

You were missing the curly braces and the 'px'. The '=' isn't required.

<sigh> right :) Thanks !
Except the effect doesn't work :(

Clicking the blue box should bounce the redbox box.


I changed the final parameter to linear, switch it back to easeOutBounce, or whatever it was before. I couldn't remeber if that was a correct animation so I went with linear while I tested it.

I changed, before replying :)

Clicking the blue box, should bounce the red box ?


Do you have the correct plugin available? unless my knowledge is outdated the jQuery UI lib is needed to use effects byond swing and linear

jQuery Lib, 1.10.4 has always been on my page !

OK, I don't why this is the case but if you remove the top:80px from your CSS it works. With the CSS top still there you can do top, left and right just not bottom.

It works ! Thank You.

I changed the code on my site around, if you click on the word "reachme" it should bounce in, I know the div is a little too high verically, it may bounce right of the screen, but it doesn't.