hi. i have a page that submits data without refreshing and it does work. but i m having trouble with arrays. as it is im submitting the form data using $.post . if i was working with just php id just do a for loop which i actually already have for a different page. but now jquery is in so im not sure if i can do it the same as jquery handles the input values. what i have is a div with a dropdown listing number 0-10 like so:


when a number is chosen forms will appear according to number chosen like if number 2 was chosen then 2 forms will appear:


if it was just one form, values would all just have 1; 1 first name, 1 last name, 1 house address and i can easily add the data with the codes i have now but if there is 2 forms then: 2 last names, 2 house addresses and i don't know how to get those values using jquery. i was thinking maybe use .each() like:

$("#add-child input").each(function(){


NOTE: add-child being the div that contains all the input text boxes.

but then what goes in the .each(), not sure.

this is my current script which only inserts 1 form data:

    $("#submitCH").live("click", function()
        var id = $("#parentid").val();
        var salut = $("#chsalute").val();
        var fname = $("#chfname").val();
        var mname = $("#chmname").val();
        var lname = $("#chlname").val();
        var dob = $("#chdob").val();
        var houseadd = $("#chhadd").val();
        var officeadd = $("#choadd").val();
        var personalno = $("#chpno").val();
        var houseno = $("#chhno").val();
        var faxno = $("#chfno").val();
        var officeno = $("#choffno").val();
        var pano = $("#chpano").val();
        var paname = $("#chsec").val();
        var emailpa = $("#chepa").val();
        var emailwork = $("#chework").val();
        var personalemail = $("#chpemail").val();
        var session = $("#session").val();

        if(id=='' || salut==''|| fname=='' || mname=='' || lname=='' || dob=='' || houseadd=='' || officeadd =='' || personalno =='' || houseno=='' || faxno=='' || officeno=='' || pano=='' || paname=='' || emailpa=='' || emailwork=='' || personalemail=='' || session =='')
            alert("Insertion Failed, Some Fields are Blank!");      
            // Returns successful data submission message when the entered information is stored in database.
                ids: id,
                csaluts: salut,
                cfnames: fname,
                cmnames: mname,
                clnames: lname,
                cdobs: dob,
                chouseadds: houseadd,
                cofficeadds: officeadd,
                cpersonalnos: personalno,
                chousenos: houseno,
                cfaxnos: faxno,
                cofficenos: officeno,
                cpanos: pano,
                cpanames: paname,
                cemailpas: emailpa,
                cemailworks: emailwork,
                cpersonalemails: personalemail,
                csessions: session 
            function(data) {
                alert("Child added!");

php to submit:

    require "connection.php";

    $id = $_POST['ids'];
    $salut = $_POST['csaluts'];
    $fname = $_POST['cfnames'];
    $mname = $_POST['cmnames'];
    $lname = $_POST['clnames'];
    $dob = $_POST['cdobs'];
    $houseadd = $_POST['chouseadds'];
    $officeadd = $_POST['cofficeadds'];
    $personalno = $_POST['cpersonalnos'];
    $houseno = $_POST['chousenos'];
    $faxno = $_POST['cfaxnos'];
    $officeno = $_POST['cofficenos'];
    $pano = $_POST['cpanos'];
    $paname = $_POST['cpanames'];
    $emailpa = $_POST['cemailpas'];
    $emailwork = $_POST['cemailworks'];
    $personalemail = $_POST['cpersonalemails'];
    $user = $_POST['csessions']; 

    $addchild = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO child1(cuser_id,c_salutation,c_fname,c_mname,c_lname,c_dob,c_personalno,c_houseno,c_personalemail,c_houseadd,c_officeadd,c_officeno,c_faxno,c_emailwork,c_secretary,c_emailpa,c_pano,primaryparent) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)");
    /*$lastId = $dbh->lastInsertId();

    if($addchild->rowCount() > 0 )

        $addchild2 = $dbh->prepare("UPDATE contact1 SET child = ? WHERE contact_id = ?");
        $addchild2->bindParam(1, $lastId, PDO::PARAM_INT);
        $addchild2->bindParam(2, $id, PDO::PARAM_INT);

in the php does the for loop still apply, maybe something like this?

the html would be like this:

<input type="text" name="csalute[]">

for($i = 0; $i < count($salut); $i++)
   $cc->bindParam(2, $salut[$i], PDO::PARAM_STR);

then i just need to know how to get the values using jquery. TIA

I'm not sure I understood exatcly... do you wan't to save multiple identical forms at once?

If so, I suggest you use json formatting to transfer the data.

You should create an object within JS to hold all the data, something like this

var arr = [];

$("#add-child div").each(function(){
        id = $(this).find("#parentid").val(),
        salut = $(this).find("#chsalute").val(),
        fname = $(this).find("#chfname").val(),

$.post("AddChildDetails.php", { children: arr },
    function(data) {
        alert("Child added!");

In PHP, you'd have to parse the JSON data to an array and then loop it to make the inserts.

$children = json_decode($_POST["children"], true);

foreach($item in $children)
    //do inserts with $item->id...

Obs.: In JS you shouldn't use ID to get the inputs, because they wouln't be unique. Use name instead, you can have multiples.

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