hello, can anyone please help me with this piece of code, is not showing combobox value, why ??? its urgnt

<tr><td>TERM</td><td><select name="term"  ><option value="t_1">FIRST TERM</option><option value="t_2">SECOND TERM</option><option value="t_3">THIRD TERM</option><option value="t_4">FOURTH TERM</option><option value="t_5">FIFTH TERM</option><option value="t_6">SIXTH TERM</option><option value="t_7">SEVENTH TERM</option><option value="t_8">EIGHTH TERM</option></select></td></tr>
<tr><td><?php if(isset($_POST['term']))
{ echo $_POST['term'];} ?></td></tr>

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here is the full code


<select name="subject">
 include "connection.php";

 $s2="select * from combobox_data"; 
$q2=mysql_query($s2) or die (mysql_error());

while($rw2=mysql_fetch_array($q2)) { 
if ($ids==$id_id){

<option value="<?php echo $rw2['subject']; ?>"><?php echo $rw2['subject']; ?></option><?php }  ?><?php }  ?>
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