Hi guys
I have no idea how to go about this but I would like to create a form that displays results in the text area . For example if a user fills up his/her details on the form and clicks the submit button , his/her information would be displayed in the text area and if the detail isn't recorded / registered then a negative result would display in the text area. Here is an image illustration of what I'm trying to create.

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Any reason why you want this in a textarea rather than marked up? It won't look very nice.

Thanks for your reply , Well I am open to suggestions , basically what I am trying to do is kind of like a tracking page (fedex , ups etc) but not exactly a tracking page. I just want the result to be displayed in an area (like a text area for example, although I am also open to your suggestions) .


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Which language are you using? PHP,VB, C#, Java, Node.js ....

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