Hello fellow coders,
can anyone make me a working login system, like login, register, and send all files + the Database file (Test DB file)?
Please be kind, it doesn't take long to made...

  • Martin
<M/> commented: Come on, you know better than this. -2
almostbob commented: Demand help, then denigrate the skill required to do something you cannot. I felt insulted. Please re-think, -3

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Had you been sponcer many persons would fight to help you.Every one here tries to help others but not this way.We are not here to work for you free of cost.We are here to help you free of cost.
Work on your project and if you face any problem post it here you will see a caring attitude on Daniweb.But this is wrong way of demanding anything.And in a way this is insult.

How is it insulting you, waow!?
Then i'm sorry not to know any PHP, and asking if anyone have some old codes!

asking if anyone have some old codes!

That's not how your question was formulated:

can anyone make me a working login system ... it doesn't take long to made

Rather than arguing, try a web search: 'php login example' gives me several million(!) results.

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I think you can gauge the community's response to your request (currently 5 downvotes - which is spectacular). pritaeas has produced a brilliant guide of how to frame a good question in order to get maximum positive and helpful feedback, and although it is centered around PHP, it is relevant in general (and to all forum based sites).


I suggest you take a look and maybe reframe your request accordingly. We are prepared to help, but only if a member is prepared to help themselves.

can anyone make me a working login system, like login, register, and send all files + the Database file (Test DB file)?

We can make it. But we are not going to make it for you.

if anyone have some old codes!

Most old codes end up on the internet... in fact, at this time and age, its almost 2015... you can basically google your needs...

How is it insulting you, waow!?

It is insult to ask someone with experience to do what you want without a reward.

Please be kind, it doesn't take long to made...

Then why not spend the time and learn it... if it doesn't take long, of course.

currently 5 downvotes - which is spectacular


fellow coders?
We may be coders, doubt very much if . . .

I'm trying, really mods, to be more polite,
its difficult to respond politely when the op is this:
and exemplary of the zero end of every 0-10 scale;

so I will write just google it

commented: We've all had those difficulties ;) +14
commented: Yep, feel like it too. You're not alone +15
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It is insulting to community members because the way you are telling community members to work for you is as if You are paying them to do all your work.I dont mean to hurt you i just want you to re-read your post again and put yourself in place of a person or persons whome you want to do all this.No body is paying anybody here to do anybody elses work.My intention was to inform you that you can do this just by googling the question and then try it yourself after that if you face any problem you can turn back to Daniweb for help and you will find persons here very helpful.

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Ohhh i can see that i made a big mistake, and i apologize to all you guys out there! And i know that i formulated the question wrong, and i hope you can forgive me - Sorry. And guys next time remember"There are no stupid questions - only stupid answers". And i think it was hilarious that so many responded to the question, and how mad you guys could be for only one question! :)

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Look at the responses carefully. See the constructive comments leading you to the pritaeas' link. We're here to help.

This type of question attracts fly-by posters who post very low quality responses which does Daniweb no favours at all and ultimately wastes your time. Your threads DO matter to us, it's just an issue of outlining your needs in a manner that allows us to help in the time that is available to us. I hope you take that in the manner in which it was intended.

@zzmrmartinzz it is not only you but i myself also have asked questions sometimes initially which were annoying but persons here at Daniweb very patiently replied.As you rightly said you have got so much responce on asking it in a wrong way think how much responce you will get when you ask it in a way Daniweb works.YOur question is not wrong but it is right thing in wrong way and at wrong place.We all have not learn from mothers womb we learn by doing mistakes.Espatially in programming language mistakes are our relatives.But correcting them is our job.
By the Way welcome to Daniweb .Welcome to your family.

Thanks a lot. :)
Forget the question asked, it doesn't matter anyway... I have asked for WHMCS and Multicraft help (On another post), but no one answers. So i'm asking again, but now here, are there anyone out there that wants to help me with Multicraft? :)

whmcs i have installed for one of my client.You need only sever settings nothing else

setting on host account i will answer you there

I don't have any problems on WHMCS, only how to do that and that on WHMCS... (Hope it made sense). I don't know how to add another server to Multicraft? Can i add you on Skype? :)

Sure Please go on.

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