Can help? When in debugging mode of the database page (Database.aspx), I try to update the details by modifying the fields in the EditItem template. But then, when I click "Update", the data cannot be updated and shows the error message: "Data could not be updated. Please try again."


This is the most common issue in my project. Is there a way to fix this problem?

Project zip file: -> Open Database.aspx from Admin folder
MDF files (required to connect):

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"Data could not be updated. Please try again" sounds like it is an error message coming from your own code. If it is being generated via a try/catch block then catch the actual error text of the exception and have a look at that. It will provide real information on why it is failing.

Can help me check whether there is something wrong with my code?

Source code segement from the file:

    <asp:Parameter Name="_AppTypeName" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_preferredName" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_designation" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_OfficeName" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_floorNo" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_DeptName" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_deptExtNo" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_projectType" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_otherProjectName" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_EmailID" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_EmailGroup" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_EmailGroupName" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_emailDiversionType" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_emailDiversionAdd" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_IntAccess" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_nsf" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_loanComp" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="_remarks" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="original_name" />
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