Please I have a project that looks like this , whereby i can create a search field which search for every topic/word in my database and displays it on a page like you have it on the url above.

I would appreciate if anyone can help with this.


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Well have you got any PHP experience at all? What have you tried? Effort helps.

But because I'm a pretty nice person I will give you some ideas:

This URL is of a dictionary so would have a fairly simple core structure. You would have a big database, probably with an "id", "term", and "definition" fields. You would then use a PHP script to search through the "term" column and find the word(s) you need.

To anyone who knows moderate-level PHP this is a fairly bog-standard task that doesn't pose too much of a challenge. If you have absolutely no idea how to do this, I suggest you learn some basic PHP. It will make your life alot easier.

To quote myself - "We don't do your homework for you!". Until you make an effort, post the code here, and let us know what errors or issues you have, don't expect much... :-(

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