Hello everyone have a nice day or night where ever you are so i hope i will have a great night if i fix this problem i have right here :D i have a array list with some match tips and i have a 16 input fields so i want to make autosuggestion when i will write the first letter of any array item i searched the internet but i just cannot figure out. Thanks for your help DaniWeb for life :D :D here is my array

$tips = array("1", "2", "x", "1-1", "1-x", "x-1", "1-2", "2-1", "2-x", "x-2");

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Have you considered handling the auto suggest client side using js/jQuery? You would use the keyup event. (JQuery) then pass the value using Ajax back to your PHP script. Then your script returns the results to your client. Otherwise, without client side help you would have to post back ( reload the page) to allow the PHP script to process the data. That's not going to work well for an auto suggest feature.


@pixelsoul wow this actualy really helped thanks alot men and like i said DaniWeb for life :D :D


Thanks alot and i have another question, why the autosuggestion works just on the first field and not in others?

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