Hi guys,

im doing a project atm and it's really important. It's about building an android application showing forms that link into a database (Mysql), using Xampp. The database then links to a GUI (php?)showing information gathered from the application on the field. Any suggestions on how to go about this? Not much of a programming expert. Much thanks

Step one would be to design and build the database. Once thats done you will need a webservice for the app to talk to that pushes the data to the database.
Then you can build the app and make sure it can connect to the webservice and store data in the db.
After that you have the final step of building the GUI in whatever language takes your fancy, you're not limited to PHP at all.
Obviously we can't go into very fine detail here but those are the steps I would follow and the order I'd do them in.
If you run into problems with specific parts of the project we can help you.