I want to create a database on my pc localhost and then want to use PDO to connect with that database to creating table and so on...

What should i do?

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Do you have the database installed? What DB are you using? MySQL?
If you are new to PHP and MySQL maybe you should use Xampp.

I wanted to create db with sqlite3 which i always use. Can i connect to it with PDO?!

@AleMonteiro, as we see in the Requirements part of that page you gaved the link, PDO Driver for SQLite 3.x is needed.
Well, can you tell me how can i install that Driver please?! I don't know waht to do. I'm using Linux Ubuntu.

@AleMonteiro, i didn't ask you google for me.
I know how to install sqlite3 for php but the problem was thatwhen i want to connect it with PDO i still get the error "can't find Driver".

When i have a problem, i always search for it on the net first, then if i couldn't find my answer, i will ask for help here in DANIWEB, maybe users know the answer. I just asked if you know how i can install the driver on my os, but didn't ask you to google it for me.

Anyway, thank you for all answers.

That's ok @AleMonteiro.
I didn't find the answer on those 3 links unfortunatelly. So i have to use a host instead of on my localhost. Thank you anyway.

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