I need to create a new site in PHP and need to host in cloud. Can anyone say in which DB I can host my site?

Typically MySQL goes hand in hand with php but you can use any you like.

sqlite might be an option for you

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A simple search in Google could have led you here - first result for:

what databases can I use with php


Pretty much any DB you want to use. However, there are very good "wrappers" / abstractions for these too and you will probably find the most convenient and best supported to be PDO (with mysql) or mysqli. DO NOT use mysql_* functions as they have been deprecated.

Each DB engine and wrapper has its own pros and cons, so there is no such thing as "best".

SQLite: https://www.sqlite.org/features.html Easy but lacking the power of a full RDBMS - it may be suitable.

There are also NoSQLs such as MongoDB - but these can be very tricky and are not appropriate for many uses.