I want to insert from product (id, name, price).

How can I insert it using mvc[c#], mssql manually.

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What do you mean by manually?


I will this regard the automated code and change it.

Are you asking how you can maintain the database without using frameworks or wizards such as Entity Framework? If not, can you be more specific.

by means of ado.net


I'm slightly confused as I have seen a few of your posts and you seem to have a grasp of ADO.NET, is this not the case? Or have I misunderstood?

If not, I have a beginners tutorial that you may be interested in. It teaches basic CRUD operations against an Access database for simplicity but the concepts are exactly the same for an SQL Server database.


@djjeavon: Sir I am working at MVC, not in windows application.

I am working at MVC, not in windows application.

The basics are the same for both.

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