Hi, i need to create a people service management application military entreprise.This application must display the list of all the services to be performed, when i click on a service, a list of all people displays with check boxes so i select the persons concerned and finally i have to get a table in my database like this:

i develop my application with php, i really look but i didn't find a satisfactory solution, so if anyone can help me ??

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Your first task will be to design the DB.
I would suggest, based on your limited explanation:


service: id | label
garde: id | label
personnel: id | name | surname | service_id | garde_id

Do you have any idea which DB system you will be using (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres, etc)?

Look up 'relational databases'.
You will "most likely" be using MySQL.


Are you using PHPMyAdmin? Are you using aa stack like XAMPP or WAMP?