Hi, i am developping an application with php wich contains a checkbox list, i used Editor-PHP-1.4.2 for dataTables wich includes PHP libraries for editor and it worked well but now this version has expired and i can't buy it, if anyone can help me to find a similar library and free, thanks.

I am already using xampp, my problem is that the application should display a table of people who are registered in my database with check boxes, before I did that using this library Click Here that is not free now I want a library that gives me the same result but free

Can you show a screenshot of what exactly you need? If it is just a checkboxlist, it might be easy enough to build yourself. Or are you perhaps using more features of the Editor plugin?

It's not just a checkbox list i am using more feature of the editor plugin this is a screenshot of what i need:

fields name, surname and grade will be automatically loaded from the database , the field available is by default null in the database when I check it is automatically set to 1 in the database, I have done this with the plugin mentioned above but not anymore because the trial period has expired, and now I want a free solution, thanks

Sorry. I've used the Editor plugin several times. The only one I know is jqGrid, but have ever used it.