I search wysiwyg editor with fully support of HTML and PHP.
I dont want extra <p> and <b> tags after <?php and before ?>.
I prefer to work with PHP to get the content with $_POST.
I dont want ajax methods.

I test some editors all morning and cannot find proper.

I tested this editors:
uEditor (baidu)
Line control
and some others...
Every of them added extra tags in php/html code. I catch the content with $_POST.
I read a lot of alternatives to strip br/p tags for ckeditor and tinymce, but without success. When i strip p - br is show and cant remove'em.

I want simple editor with php/html support and some useful bbcodes in toolbar.

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Hi, I had the same problem. I looked at CKEditor, (I assume you're using the replace editor method) my thought was to keep the <p><br>'s etc in as I wanted to ultimatly then put it straight back into a CKeditor instance. Overall I was dissatisfied with the level of support and flexability so I went over the their inline method - a leaner model but you can't use the $_POST - you have to use a JQUERY to grab the content of editable regions

I've moved away completly for CKEditor I found it very inflexable - i.e. where are the font lists etc. these seem hidden - a major headache.

I've just evaluated RAPTOR EDITOR. it does everything I want, I can add and modify it. It uses JSON for the files, but with a little bending you can mutate everything to Php - that's what I'm currently doing

Not a technical answer but I hope this helps a little
J :)

Things you may not have noticed:

WYSIWYG does not produce clean code
WYSIWYG does not produce efficient code
WYSIWYG does not fully support ANY language
POST is a ridiculously inefficent way to refresh the the page when making tiny edits
Your approach fails with every functional editor

have you considered a different approach to the problem: AJAX was invented just to solve the problems you list

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As AB says ^^.

You shouldn't be using a WYSIWYG editor to create PHP code, even if you can. If this is general use on your site, it can be very bad with regard to security. In addition, if it's just for you, then you miss out on all the goodies that a dedicated IDE or certain text editors cn give you like code completion, hinting, syntax highlighting and the like.

Yh, also using WYSIWYG won't help you when it comes to maintaining your codes and debugging.

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