i want to send email with attachment so please help me

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Can you show us the codes you have so far.

PHP has a mail command. http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php.

If that doesn't work,

  • If you have control of your web server, make sure you have a mail service running.

  • If not, make sure your host allows mail to be sent from user applications.

Without knowing more about your server and, as Gideon says, the code you have so far, there's not much more that anyone can help you with.

-- edit -- I think I misunderstood. It seems you have mail working but are only having trouble with the attachment. There are some user examples on PHP's mail page.

there so many tutorials on internet about it.
or try by your self and if you meet some problem come back to post.

basic lib
Click Here
basic example

$mail = new PHPMailer();
$doc = $text;//some text here
$mail->AddStringAttachment($doc, 'doc.txt', 'base64', 'application/xxx');//xxx myme type

To send a mail with attachment, I will recommend the use of PHPMailer which is more simple and easier to configure than using the default mail function.

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